How To Get Rid Of Weevils In My Bedroom

How To Get Rid Of Weevils In My Bedroom

If you’re reading this post, Chances are you’ve come across A weevil in your bedroom. Or maybe you just want to make sure you never come across one again! Weevils are small beetles that often find their way into our homes. They can find bedrooms, kitchens, And pantries. Weevils will eat flour, cereals, pasta, dried fruit, beans, And seeds. And they can multiply quickly as A female weevil can lay up to 300 eggs in her lifetime. How to Get rid of weevils in my bedroom

How To Remove Weevils From Your Home

How To Remove Weevils From Your Home

To remove weevils from your home, Start by cleaning thoroughly. It likes to live in moist environments so make sure you clean all surfaces And areas of your kitchen cabinets And pantries where flour is stored. Use A vacuum cleaner to remove any remaining crumbs that have fallen on the floor.

If you find the eggs laid by the female weevil. Carefully remove them with A cloth or paper towel And throw them out of your home for good. How to Get rid of Weevils in My Bedroom Furniture.

What To Do With The Weevils You’ve Caught

What To Do With The Weevils You've Caught

The best way to get rid of weevils is with A vacuum cleaner. Put the vacuum over the weevil and hold it there for A few minutes. This will suffocate them. Get rid of Weevils in my Bedroom

If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, Put A plastic bag over the weevil And seal it tightly with tape. It should die in about five hours.

Use A wet paper towel or napkin to wipe out any food crumbs from the cupboard where you found the weevil. After that, Open your cupboard and leave it open for 24 hours to make sure no other bugs come in.

After 24 hours, place flour, cereals, pasta, dried fruit, beans, And seeds in air-tight containers so they are not accessible.

Thoroughly clean your cupboard with soap or detergent and then dry it out by placing an old newspaper inside for three days to kill any eggs.

How To Avoid

Clean Up Any Flour Spills To Get Rid Of Weevils In My Bedroom

The key to avoiding weevils is to make sure you store your food properly. If you have A pantry or kitchen that isn’t airtight, Seal it off with heavy-duty plastic wrap or aluminum foil. Also, Make sure to clean up any flour spills as quickly as possible.

How To Get Rid Of Weevils In My Bedroom

A Vacuum Cleaner To Get Rid Of Weevils In My Bedroom

The best way to get rid is to use A vacuum cleaner. If you don’t have one, You can also use A broom and A dustpan. Sweep up the beetles And then set them out in the sun or outside somewhere for 3-4 hours to kill them. However, Please remember that if you sweep them up, You might be sweeping up other bugs too — so make sure you’re wearing gloves!

If these methods don’t work, Then it’s time to call an exterminator. They will be able to find their eggs and eliminate the problem for good!

Where Do Weevils Come From?

Where Do Weevils Come From

The majority of weevils come from the outdoors, but some may come from your cupboards. They are found in dry plant matter and they need a food source to survive. Find mostly in cereal grains And other foods that contain these grains like pasta, rice, flour, and dried fruits.

They are drawn to dark places where they can hide. So they will often be seen in pantries or the corners of kitchen cabinets. A weevil will eat its way through a box of cereal in about two weeks!

What Causes A Weevil Infestation In Your Home?

Weevils can get into your home by accident. And they could be in your food or pantry right now! They are most often found in kitchens And bedrooms because those are places where we store our food. To keep them out you need to make sure you’re storing your food properly. They can’t chew through plastic, So if you keep your food in the fridge or freezer it’ll be safe from the critters. As well as keeping a close eye on any boxes that have been left open to see if any of them have had an infestation.

If you find one weevil make sure you clean up any messes they might have made and check the area for any other pests before disposing of them.

Preventing Future Weevils

Preventing Future Weevils

The first thing is to inspect your pantries, kitchen, and other food sources for any little holes or gaps where they might have been able to get in before. It’s also a good idea to make sure that all your food items are sealed tightly in containers and glass jars. You can also place small bowls of petroleum jelly along the baseboards of your home and inside cracks around your cabinets and drawers in your bedroom.

This will help keep them out by preventing them from getting enough grip on surfaces which means they won’t be able to crawl up the cabinets and walls.

You can also purchase special bait traps that will attract them into a box where they won’t be able to escape. And if you’re still seeing after A few weeks then it could be time for A professional exterminator!

How To Get Rid

  • Make sure you have A clean sweep of your pantry, kitchen, And bedroom.
  • Put the products in a sealed bag in the freezer for at least one week to kill off any that may be hiding inside.
  • Clean your shelves with soapy water and dry thoroughly to remove any residue left behind by weevils or eggs.
  • Store food in sealed containers or plastic bags with tight lids to prevent pests from getting into it again.

Protect Your Pantry

The first thing you need to do is remove all the products that love from your pantry. This will include flour, cereals, pasta, dried fruit, beans, And seeds.

Then you need to clean any surfaces around your kitchen which can hold flour. This includes countertops And cabinets. Remember to clean the inside of the cabinets as well! You need to vacuum the floor where you found the weevil or where there may be other food particles.

You should also remove anything on your shelves that could have attracted A weevil in the first place. Canned goods with holes in them (which can use by weevils to enter) And foods that are old or past their expiration date.


Weevils can be A nuisance in the bedroom And can quickly multiply if left unchecked. However, there are several effective ways to get rid of them. The first step is to identify the source of the infestation And dispose of any contaminated food or materials. Then, Thoroughly clean and vacuum the affected areas, Paying special attention to cracks And crevices where weevils may hide. Natural remedies such as bay leaves or diatomaceous earth can also be effective, As can chemical insecticides if used properly. With persistence And diligence, It is possible to successfully eliminate weevils from the bedroom And prevent future infestations.

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